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What is Gantt Designer?

Gantt Designer is a drawing tool, with features optimized toward producing Gantt charts. If you have spent some percentage of your life shading Microsoft Excel cells, Gantt Designer is the tool for you.

Gantt charts may be used for managing projects, but they are also a great way to present your schedules and time-lines. Hence, even if you are not a project manager and have never wanted to be one, you will also find Gantt Designer useful whenever you have the need to say anything about schedules and deadlines.

Gantt Designer Uses

Gantt Designer is a drawing tool. How you want to interpret the chart features is entirely up to you. You may want to call a task a task. Others might want it to be an activity. We provide the ability to link tasks. Some people interpret that as one task dependent on another. Others have more creative ways of reading that link line.

Since Gantt Designer was launched in February, people have been using it to produce charts we have never imagined. Besides traditional project and activity charts, there are people using it to generate personal relationships, genealogy charts, school examination timetables. There are many situations where a Gantt chart is useful:

Version checks

Gantt Designer optionally carries out a version check every time it is run to let you know if you have the latest version.

The feature is turned on by default and it can be turned off under Tools System options.... You can also check any time under Help Check for updates.

The version check request is sent to and the information sent are your current version and language.

Get Gantt Designer now

Gantt Designer is free.

Gantt Designer is now at version 2.0. Prior versions are no more supported. If you have an older version, please update now. If you have downloaded the software from a partner download site, please check that you have the latest version.

To see whether you have the latest version, click Help Check for updates.


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