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Gantt Designer requires Microsoft .NET Framework version version 2.0 SP1 or later.

If your PC runs on Windows Vista or Windows 7, the required .NET Framework should already be there. If you need the .NET Framework, the installation process of the packaged option will prompt you to download the .NET Framework from Microsoft's web site. Please complete that activity before continuing to install Gantt Designer.

If you wish, you can download and install the .NET Framework separately from Microsoft.

License Agreement

Gantt Designer contains copyrighted code. The software is licensed for you to use, and not sold or given to you. The copyright remains with the copyright owner, Timios Ideas.

In order to download and use this software, you must agree to the terms and conditions of the license. Please read the license Agreement before proceeding to download or use the software.

File Download

If you have Gantt Designer v1 installed, please uninstall it manually first from Control Panel. Version 2 will only uninstall version 1 if version 1 was installed with the Everyone option.

There are various installation options:
A. Standard package - Recommended. This is an installation package (MSI) that, like all other software, requires administrator rights to install. This package does not include the option to open Microsoft Project files; this can be added later. Gantt.msi
B. Full installation package with options to open Microsoft Project files and read holidays from Outlook calendar. Note large file size. For file details see Files & Folder Structure. Gantt.All.msi
C. Single executable file. If you do not have administrator rights to your PC and know your way around or if you do not wish to download the MSI, this file is all you need to run Gantt Designer. For more details see Files & Folder Structure. Gantt.exe
D. Configuration file. This is required if you choose the single executable file option and intend to run the additional Microsoft components below. For more details see Files & Folder Structure. Gantt.exe.config
E. Additional files required to read Microsoft Project files into Gantt Designer. For more details see Files & Folder Structure.
F. Additional file required to extract holidays from Microsoft Outlook calendar into Gantt Designer, if it is not already on your PC. For more details see Files & Folder Structure.
Option A or C can be combined with one or more of E or F.

Where the files are zipped, please unzip them and store them to the right location. If you are prompted by your browser, please respond in the affirmative to Save the file. .

Local Language Files

To download and install local language files, please visit the localization page.


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