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Gantt Designer is under continuous improvement. If you have ideas on what would be useful features, we would be glad to hear from you.

Before you submit your idea, please go through the list of other suggestions below. If your idea has already been put forward by someone else, you can vote for it.

Suggestions so far (last update: July 27, 2010) recent new votes in red

1JohnKeep it simple. Hi, I've been looking for a program like this for the last year. Its perfect for my superintendents in the field. 8
2OttoNetwork diagrams: Please add option to view project in NETWORK DIAGRAM format. 1
4Dan MocanuThis is a great program, can you make it so that there is a drop-down filtering by columns? Similar to XL Data Filtering. 2
5Andy, DougThis looks like a fantastic program. I would like to see the bottom option on the format time scale show hours with an option to set the length of the working day. the option of time then on ¼ of a unit would be 15mins. This would then make a simple production planning tool. Thanks

Planning on the 5 year and 10 year time scale is essential for most companies. Others need very short time scales for daily planning. Please consider allowing the bottom time scale tier to be capable of minutes, hours, days, weeks, months or years in order to accomodate long, medium and short term planning.
6JoeAn easy to use program with no unnessecary extras. I to would like to see the time scale go down to hours. I also would like to have a critical pathway. 3
7Marcogreat tool. it would be nice to have the chance to add the estimated hours needed to finish a task(not related to the duration of the task) 2
8AronHide weekends. This software is great it makes everything easy and is so configurable. It would be even better if you could filter out the weekends. That way it can be better used to follow estimates. 3
9PritamLinux version please! 2
10RobinKeyboard shortcuts. Customizable would be great! 2
11StefanJpg Implementation. Can you implement a function to import a jpg in header or footer, a logo for example? 2
12SteveAs Aron No8, but only on selected rows 1
13ThorsenGreat software - I would like to suggest an option for attaching ressources (manpower or equipment) to activities 1
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