Gantt Designer - Localization


Gantt Designer complies closely to best practices for software globalization. There is only one version of the software but it can be used effectively in almost any language or cultural environment.

When you first launch Gantt Designer, it will run according to the language and locale settings in your PC. To switch language or locale manually, go to Tools Language....

Files created and saved in one country and language can be opened in another with maximum compatibility.

Date and number formats automatically take on the region settings in your PC. If you are in Spain, the duration of tasks would automatically show up as 1,5 days for example, while the same number in the US would be shown as 1.5.

The first day of the week is taken from your PC calendar settings, for example it would be Monday in the UK but Saturday in Saudi Arabia.

Languages Available

As we are rushing out version 2, localized menus and messages are still in the early stages of completion.

We intend to provide a "wiki" style approach to let users create translations for themselves.


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