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Two little "problems"

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You get a MissingMethodException when you try to Open or Save or Export a file
This is because you do not have Service Pack 1 applied to .NET Framework 2.0. Please go to Windows Updates and look for SP1 under Software Optional.
All your menus disappear
This is because the user.config file used to store the positions of the menus is corrupted.

The use of this file is somewhat buggy. Find it and delete it and then restart Gantt Designer.

The location of this file can be found under Help About Gantt Designer. However, since the menus are missing that won't be able to help you. Please see more files for some clues as to where you can find user.config. Write to us if you need help.

Product Documentation

Gantt Designer tries to keep it simple, and on this page are some tips to help you take off.

+ The Screen

+ Tasks

+ Rolled-up Tasks

+ Time-Bars

+ Linking Tasks

+ Holidays

+ Zooming

Some Common Questions

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Q1. I have registered, but it tells me I am not.
Registration requires your computer name. Every computer has a different computer name. Click Help Register and your computer is shown on the first row.

After you have registered, you must copy and paste the registration text into the green box of Help Register.

Q2. How do I enter or change task data?
There are multiple ways of entering or modifying task data. Use that which suits you best: Pressing Escape while editing will usually return the cell to its original value.


Q3. Why are there two little black squares at the top next to the splitter bar?
The two large dots in the header row left of the splitter indicate that some part of the left panel is hidden. You can view the hidden parts by moving the horizontal scroll bar on the bottom of the left panel.
Q4. I seem to have difficulty linking tasks by dragging with the mouse.
Dragging a time-bar horizontally will move its start date. Dragging it vertically turns on linking mode. To start linking, drag slowly initially in a vertical direction until you see the linking line and cursor.
Q5. How do I swap the position of a task with another?
First select the task(s) by clicking the task number on the left border. Then click on the red up or down arrows on the toolbar. Alternatively you can use Cut and Paste (from the Edit menu).

Note: When moving blocks of tasks into and out of sub-tasks, the results may not be what you expect.

Q6. How do I change the display order of the columns?
Select a column by clicking on its header. Then click the red left or right arrows on the toolbar. Alternatively you can use Cut and Paste (from the Edit menu).
Q7. Can I link to a rolled-up task?
When you link to a rolled-up (summary) task, the link will be established to the first sub-task. If your first sub-task does not have the earliest start date and you want the link to be to the start of the rolled-up task, then link directly to the sub-task with the earliest start date to achieve the effect.
Q8. Why does the length of a time-bar shrink and expand when I move it?
When you move a time-bar, you are changing its start date. Changing a task's start date can change the total elapsed time of a task because the number of non-working days (weekends or holidays) that falls during the duration of the task can now be different.

The length of the time-bar indicates the gross elapsed time of the task, including non-working days. The Duration property of a task however shows the actual number of working days required for the task.

Q9. Can I change the date by typing in the Start date cell?
Yes, you can type in the date directly in the Start date cell using one of your local date formats. For example, if you are in France and you type "4/3", the date will be 4 mars in the current year. Typing the same value in the US will give you April 3.

To change AM/PM value, use the date picker (click on a date cell) or drag the task time-bar.

Q10. How do I remove a link between two tasks?
Right click the successor task time-bar and select Remove link from ….
Q11. How do I insert a chart into an Office document?
You can Copy and Paste a chart into any other Windows application that accepts Pasting of a bitmap. Click File Print to clipboard... on the main menu. The following have been tested to work with Gantt Designer: WordPad, Word, Outlook, Excel and PowerPoint.

Tip: There is no advantage to copy more date columns than what your host document can display. As it is very easy and fast to copy and paste, consider pasting multiple sections of a large chart for better presentation effect.

Q12. How do I import a chart into a web page?
You first need to Print To Image and then insert the image file into your web page with a <img> tag.

For best results (maximum image quality in the smallest size) save to the PNG format.

Q13. How do I make pasted charts crisp and sharp?
Many hosting applications, eg Word, will resize your pasted image if it is too big to fit within the current margins. Resizing a bitmap introduces greeking which may result in less than ideal results. To correct this, there is usually a feature in your client application to resize the pasted image back to its original size. For example in Word you can double click the image, go to the Size tab and make sure the Width and Height fields are at 100%.

Tip: Select an area that will fit within your client application margins.

Q14. What are tmpXXXX.tmp.gnt files I see when I am trying to save my chart?
By default, your work in progress is saved to a file named chartname.WIPnnn.gnt, where nnn is a random number. Should something go wrong with the program, you may be able to recover your work done by opening up the WIP file. Only registered users can open WIP files.

Do not save over these files. They are, by default, deleted when there are no errors. To change the settings of this back-up feature, go to Tools System options.

Note: Version 2.0 Gantt Designer cannot open earlier version WIP files.

Q15. How can I show two time bars on the same line, for example, to represent recurring tasks?
Right click a time bar and select "Show bar on same row as".

Though there can be more than one time bar on the same row, every time bar still belongs to a separate task. To modify the properties of such a task sharing another row, the only way is to double click the time bar.

Do note that if both bars have overlapping dates, things might get a little confusing.

Some tasks, example sub-tasks, cannot be moved in this manner.

See Help About to see your status. To register, click here.

Note that the registration key is valid only on the computer whose name is given during registration. If you want to have the registered software running on more than one computer, you must register separately for each.

Q16. How do I print everything onto one page?
Under the print options, make sure Fit total print area into 1 page: is checked. Depending on the aspect ratio of your total print area, selecting either one of wide or tall will allow your whole Gantt chart to be printed in one page. Of course if your chart is very large, the legibility will reduce.

Note that under the Fit total print area option, we do not change the aspect ratio of your chart.

More Questions?

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