Gantt Designer - Calendar


Gantt Designer maintains a Gregorian calendar and allows the user to configure the working week and holidays. The resolution of schedules is half a day. You can plan your schedules to start on the morning or the afternoon of a working day.

Project schedules take into account non-working days and the actual duration is computed automatically, skipping over non-working days. As you move the start date of a task, the duration is updated to reflect any holidays that might fall during the execution of the task.

The working week can start on any day of the week to suit local cultural practices. The number of working days in a week can also be specified, subject to a minimum of one working day a week.

Weekends and holidays appear as a lightly shaded vertical bars on the Gantt chart for easy visual identification.

Holidays are stored in XML format in a plain text file. Once entered, you can easily distribute holiday data by simply copying the holiday file, HOLIDAYS.XML.

If you have Microsoft Office on your PC, you can extract the holidays in your Outlook calendar into Gantt Designer.


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