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Gantt chart software. This software will show you how to draw and design Gantt charts for the purpose of presentation as well as project management.

Let's be frank. How many of us are familiar with EAC, ETC, ASAP, ALAP, etc? How about ACWP vs BCWS? Do you care?

But many of us want to be able to impress our business partners and audience with a presentable Gantt chart that shows that we have done our homework when it comes to schedules and planning.

ΤΙΜΙΟΣ Gantt Designer is a versatile drawing tool to do just that. Some of the main features:

Comparing other products

You are encouraged to compare Gantt Designer with much costlier competing products. You will see that Gantt Designer gives best value.

Who's Gantt Designer for

Gantt Designer is a charting software tool, with functions to check for data integrity, manipulate tasks easily and annotate tasks. The result is that you get an immediate visual verification whether your schedules and activities make sense and whether they can meet your deadlines.

Gantt Designer caters to busy people who are not project management gurus but need a Gantt chart to showcase their project activities or their schedules in a business proposal.

How to get Gantt Designer

Gantt Designer is currently on trial and available for free. You can obtain it from the download page.

Gantt Designer requires .NET Framework 2.0 SP1. It has a 100% zero footprint. If you prefer not to use the installer, you can simply copy one exe file to your PC. Full uninstallation is achieved by deleting this same file.


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